Welcome to Maladjusted. This is an email discussion list is for fans of The Smiths and/or Morrissey - where discussion is often (but not always) about the aforementioned music icons.

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BOUNCED MAIL - It is good manners not to bounce mail or send "out off office" replies to email lists.  Please ensure that you exclude this (and any other) list from nuisance postings.

Please do not ever post any of the following: chain letters, advertisements, virus warnings, pictures or other attachments.  However well intentioned, these are considered a nuisance on email lists and most "virus warning"  are often just hoaxes.  The list administrator will send any necessary warnings when required.

Generally any email you receive that prompts you to "send this off to all your friends" is the type we don't want to see on email lists.

Where possible, please send emails in "Plaint Text" - not everyone uses the same operating system and hardware, and Plain Text is readable by everyone.

When replying to a post, please DO NOT quote the post in it's entirety.  Where necessary, just quote the bit you're replying to, with your reply underneath that. 

Please observe general nettiquete rules.

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The list is currently administered by [roger shannon <roger[at]debaser.org>]