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ITFC is an email list for supporters of Ipswich Town Football Club.  

The list was formed by Andrew Young in 1995 and maintained by him until December 2000. Andrew's original list notes are still relevant -

The Ipswich Town FC Mailing List was created in 1995 to provide an email based facility for discussion of Ipswich Town Football Club, the Pride of East Anglia. Discussions usually centre around current matches and players; reminiscences of the club's proud history and thoughts for its future; and even occasional descriptions of the grit-burgers that travelling football fans are forced to endure! General discussion of Ipswich is also well received by those people (like me) forced to live elsewhere.

Many of the list members are based in England and some travel to every match. However, there are list members in all corners of the world and these people particularly appreciate the match reports (and those all-important player ratings) that are sent to the list after virtually every match.

After 5 years at the helm, Andy decided to pass the baton on, and the list then moved to this new address.   Check the following links to find out more about the ITFC email list:

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